Connecting Women, Building Communities

July 2, 2010

The Global Women’s Leadership Network, a relatively new World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) initiative, is designed to empower women worldwide, helping them improve their lives and their communities.

The network held its inaugural meeting in conjunction with WOCCU’s 2009 World Credit Union Conference in Barcelona, Spain, and its numbers and influence have been growing ever since.

The network is supported by individual men and women, credit unions, and other organizations. It’s dedicated to engaging participants in professional and personal development through social media and educational forums.

There already are more than 100 network members from more than 20 countries. Broad support allows the network to promote professional development for network members, offer scholarships, and enhance WOCCU field projects benefiting women, their families, and communities. 

Building on the support that Peru received last year, 2010 network memberships will support WOCCU programs in Colombia, Kenya, and Sri Lanka. The network will hold its second Global Women’s Leadership Forum at the 1 Credit Union Conference in Las Vegas July 10-11.

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Lalani Weerasinhga

Lalani Weerasinhga started a business selling eggs but needed more chickens. A women’s cooperative gave her a loan to expand her business.

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