Bureau of Labor Statistics Releases Benefits Survey

July 28, 2010

The Bureau of Labor Statistic’s National Compensation Survey (NCS) provides comprehensive measures of occupational earnings, compensation cost trends, the incidence of benefits, and detailed benefit provisions.

This bulletin presents estimates of the detailed provisions of employer-provided health and retirement plans in private industry in 2009. Under the NCS program, information on the incidence and provision of benefits is published in stages.

An earlier bulletin provided 2009 NCS data on civilian, state and local government, and private industry workers, on the incidence of (access to and participation in) selected benefits and detailed provisions of paid holidays, life insurance plans, and some other benefit plans, as well as on employer and employee shares of contributions to medical care premiums and their average amounts.

Similar data for civilian, private industry, and state and local government workers for March 2010 will be issued later this year.

This bulletin of detailed health and retirement provisions will begin including basic health, defined benefit, and defined contribution tables each year. In addition, each year additional tables for a specific benefit will also be included.

For example, this year additional defined contribution retirement tables in private industry are included. Next year, additional defined benefit retirement tables in private industry will be included in the bulletin. Periodically, state and local government benefits are scheduled to be studied.

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