Happy ICU Day

Our proud history will be revered. Many calories will be consumed.

November 1, 2010

Today, millions of credit union members worldwide will celebrate International Credit Union Day, commemorating their role as not-for-profit financial cooperatives that provide a safe, affordable alternative to for-profit banks.


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Cheney Shares ICU Day Message

The First Credit Union Day

Our proud history will be revered. Many calories will be consumed.

This year’s theme—Local. Trusted. Serving you.—underscores credit unions’ commitment to their communities and celebrates the significant social and economic value they’ve brought to both developed and emerging nations.

Here’s a sampling of special International Credit Union Day activities credit unions have in store:

SF Police Credit Union will be holding a photo contest with two categories: International landmarks and first responders in action.

The winner for each category will receive $250. Members who submitted first responder photos by Sept. 25 could have their photos featured in the credit union’s 2011 calendar.

Redwood CU, Santa Rosa, Calif., will celebrate International Credit Union Day by performing good deeds within its local communities, such as paying parking fees in San Francisco, bagging groceries with its eco-totes in Santa Rosa, and handing out school supplies on local college campuses.

Allegiance Credit Union, Oklahoma City, posted this International Credit Union Day video on YouTube:

PALCO Federal Credit Union, Muncy, Pa., will hold a free safety day, offering children’s fingerprinting and safety kits, child seat safety checks, and shredding of personal documents.

Qside Federal Credit Union, Flushing, N.Y., will host a food drive to benefit a local food pantry. All donors will receive an entry to win a $100 gift card.

Members who open a children’s account during International Credit Union Week will receive a $50 prepaid gas card.

And all members who make a deposit or enroll in a new credit union account or service on International Credit Union Day will get a free gift and a chance to win a $100 gift card.

Coast Central Credit Union, Eureka, Calif., will host Chamber of Commerce catered receptions at two of its branches from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., allowing members, local business owners, and community members to mingle.

Highmark Federal Credit Union, Rapid City, S.D., will offer a Celebration Loan Special. Qualified members will receive a 50 basis point interest-rate reduction on new auto loans. These loans will be priced as low as 3%.

Space Age Federal Credit Union, Aurora, Colo., will let members spin a prize wheel for the chance to win various items, including gift cards, credit union giveaways, one-day rate specials, coupon books, and cash. It also will provide cupcakes and other refreshments.

CODE Credit Union, Dayton, Ohio, will host a Financial Check Up, where members review what they’re paying on various loans and get the chance to lower their payments with credit union services.

Chemical Credit Union, Clinton, Iowa, will offer members free lunch—served by the board of directors. It also will have on hand representatives from Premier Lending Alliance to answer questions about mortgages.

International Credit Union Day is sponsored by the World Council of Credit Unions and the Credit Union National Association.

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More celebration ideas

  • Invite elected officials to a “meet the members” day.
  • Let members “meet their credit union” by displaying employees’ photos and biographies.
  • Offer loans or new share draft accounts for the same fees that your credit union charged the year it opened.
  • Offer your credit union as an elementary school field trip destination. Give teachers an opportunity to build real-world experience into their students’ math lessons.
  • Teach a basic money management class at a local high school. You can get free educational materials through CUNA’s association with the National Endowment for Financial Education.
  • Offer a series of lectures on basic finance in the evenings or over the lunch hour. Topics can include managing a checking account, building a good credit rating, shopping for a mortgage, handling credit cards, and saving for college. Organize a fun event to teach your staff and members about credit union history and philosophy. Set up booths featuring information on philosophy and operations. Punch a ticket at each booth and award International Credit Union Day T-shirts to those who fill their tickets.
  • Sponsor an essay or art contest for young members or your entire membership. A short essay (100 words or less) about why your credit union is special would be appropriate. Publish the winning entries in your newsletter.
  • Deliver good news (and food) to the media. Chapter volunteers of the Wisconsin Credit Union League delivered cakes decorated with the words “Happy International Credit Union Day” to the local media. Many volunteers receive free airtime to talk about International Credit Union Day.
  • Raise money for credit union development. While celebrating at your credit union, consider collecting pocket change for the National Credit Union Foundation or other worthwhile causes. This “little change” can contribute to big changes in worldwide credit union progress.
  • Sponsor a safe Halloween program for local children.
  • Hold a bike safety clinic for young people and donate helmets to needy children.

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