On My Mind: Behind the Scenes

Our goal is to be relevant and vital to you—our readers.

January 9, 2011

As we move into 2011, we hope for better days while bracing for what could be more of the same.

One goal at Credit Union Magazine is to help you find creative solutions to the problems you face every day. And one of our most valuable resources in helping us find those solutions is our editorial advisory board.

At each quarterly meeting with the board, we try to answer the same questions: What topics do we need to address so Credit Union Magazine can meet the needs of those who work in credit unions and serve on their boards? Which credit unions have found innovative solutions to difficult challenges? How can this magazine remain relevant and vital to its readers?

Our board members are:
• Sandi Carangi, vice president of business services, Erie (Pa.) FCU, and a member of the CUNA Marketing and Business Development Council’s education committee.
• Jennifer Lehn, executive vice president, Numerica CU, Spokane Valley, Wash., and chair of the CUNA Operations Sales and Service Council.
• Janice Love, vice president of human resources, Sandia Laboratory FCU, Albuquerque, N.M., and a member of the CUNA Human Resources/Training & Development Council’s education committee.
• Rick Miller, supervisory committee chairman, Summit CU, Greensboro, N.C., and principal with FeatherStone Planning and Consulting.
• Daryl Tanner, president/CEO, Share One Inc.
• Bill Vogeney, senior vice president, Ent FCU, Colorado Springs, Colo., and vice chairman of the CUNA Lending Council.
• Bob Warren, senior vice president/ CFO at Virginia CU Inc., Richmond, and co-chairman of the CUNA CFO Council’s education committee.

These folks help us identify topics that matter most to you. But we also need your help. If you’d like to see something you’re not seeing in Credit Union Magazine, let me know at

Coming soon

The February Credit Union Magazine will highlight these topics:

Boomers' retirement plans: How has the Great Recession affected baby boomers’ retirement plans and how can your CU help?
Keeping purpose constant: As dedicated CEOs and directors retire, will they take the CU movement’s vision and values with them?
Is the CU business model built to last? What are some practical tools CUs can use to enhance long-term growth?
Executive Suite: CUs’ plans for member investment services.
•  Investment services: How CUs can capture baby boomers’ assets with investments and other services.