CUNA Offers Board Financial Literacy Certificate

March 14, 2011

In response to the recently issued NCUA requirement regarding board financial literacy, CUNA is helping credit unions to prepare by offering a board financial literacy certificate.

To provide flexibility in fulfilling the NCUA requirement, CUNA has several options for obtaining the certificate. An entire board of directors can complete the certificate at once or they can earn it on an individual basis.

To earn the certificate, directors must fulfill one of four options:
1. Attend the CUNA CU Finance for Non-Financial Managers & Volunteers eSchool, May 4-June 15, 2011;
2. Attend the CUNA CU Finance for Non-Financial Managers & Volunteers School, April 3-6, 2011, in Nashville, Tenn.;
3. Complete six self-study CUNA Volunteer Achievement Program courses; or
4. Book an in-house training session. A subject matter expert is available to travel to credit unions to present targeted financial literacy curriculum. For more information or to book a training session, contact Kevin Smith.

After completing one of these requirements, participants must pass the appropriate assessment(s) to earn the certificate.

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