CUNA Tools March 2011

March 1, 2011

Strategic Resources

CUNA Strategic Services offers credit unions a range of high-quality products, services,
and technologies from endorsed vendors to meet your compliance and security challenges.

Make ATMs accessible

New ATM accessibility standards under the Americans with Disabilities Act go into effect March 15. The new requirements include:

  • Height standards related to wheelchair access;
  • Voice requirements for speech output;
  • Input controls discernable to touch;
  • Display screen visibility guidelines; and
  • Braille instructions to initiate voice guidance.

Visit cuna and enter “Diebold” in the search box.

TraceSecurity: Streamline information security

Information technology (IT) security compliance can seem like a moving target—and more regulation lies ahead.

Without the right solutions in place, your credit union can quickly become noncompliant, exposed to vulnerabilities, and threatened with large expenses.

TraceSecurity helps credit unions achieve, maintain, and demonstrate IT security compliance. Its TraceCompliance Manager 5.0—an on-demand, Web-based solution—provides the tools to maintain strict compliance standards.

Visit and enter “TraceSecurity” in the search box.

Detect money laundering

The need to improve anti-money laundering (AML) processes is a common theme heard at Verafin, a leading provider of compliance, AML, and fraud detection software.

Money launderers know how to sneak past conventional systems. Verafin searches out suspicious activity using advanced artificial intelligence instead of more common rules-based technology.

Software from Verafin—including Bank Secrecy Act/AML compliance, fraud detection, FACT Act Red Flags, and “watch list” programing—alerts you to suspicious behavior in all areas of operations.

Visit and enter “Verafin” in the search box.