Stivers: 'We need to hold government agencies accountable'

Freshman congressman wants to deal with the Dodd-Frank provisions that kill jobs and affect interchange.

March 2, 2011

“We need to deal with the Dodd-Frank provisions that kill jobs and affect interchange,” promised Steve Stivers, a freshman congressman and member of the House Financial Services Committee, who has small-business lending and interchange income on his radar screen.

Stivers hopes to end the vicious cycle of government business restrictions combined with over- regulation. “Government has a role to play, but it needs to get out of the way and make sure you can do your job,” he told attendees at yesterday’s General Session.

Noting that the Dodd-Frank Act’s 2,200 pages will impact every financial institution and the businesses and consumers they deal with, Stivers promised strong oversight that will:

* Guard against taxpayer bailouts;

* Unwind government-sponsored enterprises like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae; and

* Bring consistency to the individual financial service regulatory agencies.

Among the issues he’ll be promoting as part of his agenda:

*Jobs. “You need to make more small business loans and government needs to get out of your way.”

*Interchange. “The Fed’s proposed [interchange income] rule was not done right. We need to slow down, be steady, and deal with it in a thoughtful way.”

With more than 68,000 financial service-related jobs in and around his district, Stivers is going to pay attention to the needs of credit unions.