Exec of the Week: Melissa Moraccini

Take charge of your career, she advises young CU professionals.

July 7, 2011

In May, the Michigan Credit Union League named Melissa Moraccini as its Young Professional of the Year, recognizing her enthusiasm and dedication to the credit union movement.

Who: Melissa Moraccini

What: Mortgage lending manager

Where: Michigan Schools and Government CU, Clinton Township

Moraccini, mortgage lending manager for Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union in Clinton Township, tells Credit Union Magazine about her secrets to mortgage lending success, career highlights, and advice for other young credit union professionals.

CU Mag: How’s the mortgage market in your area?

Moraccini: It’s a little unpredictable because of all the changes in recent years and the anticipated changes to come from the Dodd-Frank Act.

The housing market in Southeastern Michigan has been declining for a few years, which has made mortgage origination challenging. However, it’s currently a buyers’ market, so I’m excited about the opportunities we have to help members obtain financing while getting great deals on homes.

CU Mag: What are the keys to mortgage lending success?

Moraccini: Having a dedicated team of professionals to make quality loans, educate members about the process, and build long-lasting relationships for repeat and referral business.

Our members truly appreciate direct, honest answers.

CU Mag: What are some highlights from your career so far?

Moraccini: Conducting and facilitating home buyers’ seminars to educate members and the community, and spearheading the inaugural Home Expo. It brought members of the community together with home improvement vendors, real estate education providers, and mortgage experts.

Another highlight was helping members through difficult financial times by re-evaluating their situations relating to home ownership.

Our credit union ranked among the top 15 largest residential mortgage lenders for Southeastern Michigan in 2008, according to Crain’s Detroit Business Magazine.

CU Mag: What career advice would you offer other young CU professionals?

Moraccini: Take charge of your own career, be self-motivated to invest in professional development and knowledge of your industry, and be passionate about your work.

CU Mag: What would be a perfect day for you?

Moraccini: Spending time with my family in the sun, on the beach in Caseville, Mich., and boating in the Saginaw Bay.

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