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Rely on E-Scan resources to guide your CU’s decisions this entire year.

September 6, 2011

2011-2012 CU Environmental Scan

With constant changes in the economy, strategic planning has become much more than an annual event.

Rely on CUNA’s Credit Union Environmental Scan (E-Scan) resources to guide your credit union’s decisions the entire year.

The new Credit Union E-Scan Strategic Planning Package provides all the E-Scan resources at a discounted package price, including:

  • 12 copies of the 2011-2012 E-Scan Report;
  • Annual subscription to the monthly, eight-page E-Scan Newsletter;
  • One copy of the 35-minute DVD or PowerPoint;
  • The Strategic Planning Guide with fully customizable content fields;
  • Plus free basic access to the E-Scan research and advice portal for expert insight through articles and research reports.

Visit for information on all E-Scan products.

Member & Potential Member Research

To add members, it’s essential to understand your market. The 2011-2012 National Member Survey and the 2011-2012 Survey of Potential Members can help you gain a competitive edge.

Gain an understanding of trends involving members’ and potential members’ loyalty to their financial institution and their use of financial services. It’s information designed to help you develop the right strategies to grow your credit union. 

To learn more, visit

Empower Members to Handle Debt

Rely on these resources to help members maintain control of their credit cards and loans:

PowerOverDebt: Break the Debt Cycle (Stock No. 29912). With credit card offers on the rise, your members could easily slip into bad credit habits, reducing their credit scores and your loan opportunities. 

CUNA now offers this new member seminar kit, to provide the tools to help members manage debt.  

The kit informs members about:

  • Different kinds of debt;
  • Warning signs of too much debt; and
  • Ways to rebuild good credit after challenging times. 

Educating your members now will ensure they have good credit habits—and solid credit scores—to be profitable, responsible borrowers in the future.

Visit and select “member seminar kits,” or enter the stock number in the search bar.

Switch & Save with a Credit Union Card drive-up envelope (Stock No. 29906). Use this drive-up envelope to point out that a credit union credit card is a better deal. For the full list of drive-up envelopes, visit and select “drive-up envelopes” under “member education.”

Design Your Spending Plan: Budget Blueprint handbook (Stock No. 25150). Many consumers practice poor money management—living paycheck to paycheck, and using credit inappropriately. Help your members understand how to plan, save, and budget for the future with this handbook.

For the full list of member education handbooks, visit and select “handbooks & activity books” under “member education.”

Next: Staff & Executive Compensation

Staff & Executive Compensation

Stay up-to-date on compensation package benchmarks and trends with the 2011-2012 Complete Credit Union Staff Salary Survey Report. The report provides comprehensive salary and related compensation analysis for credit unions including:

  • Base salaries;
  • Incentives;
  • Salary ranges;
  • Job descriptions; and
  • Bank salary comparisons.

For credit unions with $35 million or less in assets, the Small Credit Union Staff Salary Survey Report provides the same essential salary information as the Complete Report, with information relevant for their asset sizes. 

Get the most from these salary reports with the Complete Guide to Setting Salaries. This supplemental guide provides data to assign base pay, make peer comparisons, and benchmark positions.

Make sure your credit union offers competitive compensation packages to attract and retain top executive talent through the CEO Total Compensation Survey Report and the Senior Executive Total Compensation Survey Report. These reports provide nationwide compensation data for credit unions with $100 million or more in assets.  Purchase the reports together and receive a discount.

The Guide to Setting Executive Salaries is a stand-alone tool to help institute an executive compensation program for your credit union. It also shows you how to get the most out of the CEO Total Compensation Survey Report and the Senior Executive Total Compensation Survey Report.

For more information, visit

CUs Build a Better World

Every day, credit unions demonstrate their ability to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities around the world. 

As we celebrate International Credit Union Day® on October 20, 2011,
and prepare for the United Nations’ International Year of Cooperatives in 2012, we demonstrate—with more than 186 million credit union members worldwide—that we’re all part of building a better world. 

Consider these resources as you prepare for your credit union’s International Credit Union Day celebration:

  • Official products and merchandise. (Order before September 16 and save up to 10%);
  • Logos and graphics; and
  • Marketingand public relations materials.

Visit for a complete list of resources.