Training Options Help CUs Shoulder Reg Burden

CUNA offers more training opportunities than ever.

March 10, 2012

Credit unions’ compliance burden has never been heavier. Fortunately, the list of CUNA’s training opportunities has never been longer.\

Meet Compliance Training Needs

CUNA’s Regulatory Compliance School offers one-stop training for credit union compliance professionals. 

In 2012, two school sessions—April 22-27, in Orlando, Fla., and Sept. 16-21, in Anaheim, Calif.—provide all the information needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current regulatory environment. 

The school features annual regulatory updates, plus general overviews and advanced sessions. 

Credit union professionals of all backgrounds and skill levels will learn how to fulfill their duties concerning the major regulations affecting credit unions.

Topics include:

  • General regulations regarding operations;
  • Deposit account regulations;
  • NCUA requirements and guidance; and
  • Mortgage and consumer lending regulations.

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Become a Certified CU Volunteer

The CUNA Volunteer Certification School is designed for board members wishing to sharpen their skills and understanding, and take their volunteer duties to the next level.

During this week-long comprehensive program, Sept. 23-28, in Long Beach, Calif., board members will dive deep into the complex responsibilities volunteers face, and work through a range of issues in understandable and practical ways.

Topics include:

  • Governance;
  • Safety and soundness;
  • CEO oversight;
  • Strategic planning; and
  • Board operations and development.

Upon completion of this school and the certification exam, board members will earn their Certified Credit Union Volunteer (CCUV) designation.


Expand Insight, Boost Performance

Board members make crucial decisions that range from defining a credit union’s vision to overseeing the delivery of services. Credit Union Directors Newsletter helps board members stay up-to-speed on everything they need to know for peak performance. It’s a valuable resource that helps sharpen the decision-making process. Rely on the monthly newsletter for insights, including:

  • Tips on how to become a more confident and effective leader;
  • Policies relating to compliance, governance, CEO compensation, board-staff relations, risk management, strategic planning; and 
  • Reports, available online, providing in-depth coverage of emerging industry and governance issues. Try a PDF subscription for an easy way to distribute the newsletter or deliver it to more board members.

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Next: Join CUNA’s Volunteer Network 

Join CUNA’s Volunteer Network

Become a CUNA Volunteer Network member and discover the best way in the industry to stay informed, involved, and

Members receive discounts on CUNA training and events, plus:

  • An email list of peers;
  • Downloadable courses;
  • Subscriptions to Credit Union Magazine and Credit Union Directors Newsletter;
  • Handbooks in PDF format; and
  • Whitepapers and case studies.

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Save the Dates for CUNA’s Signature Events

America’s Credit Union Conference has been called the most energizing and forward-thinking event in the credit union movement.

Highlights this year include:

  • Renowned business strategist Tom Peters;
  • U.S. Air Force pilot and philanthropist Major Dan Rooney;
  • Science-based marketer Sally Hogshead;
  • Exclusive executive series for CEOs;
  • Thought-leader sessions; and
  • CUNA Mutual Group Discovery sessions.

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There’s more

Plan to attend these upcoming conferences as well:

  • Community CU & Growth Conference, Oct. 23-26, 2012, Denver
  • Governmental Affairs Conference, Feb. 24-28, 2013, Washington, D.C.