National Credit Union Youth Week

Free SWAG for Youth Saving Challenge Participants

CUNA offers free Super Saver loan campaign materials.

February 24, 2012

As a bonus for participating in the 2012 National Youth Saving Challenge, CUNA will provide credit unions with free loan campaign promotional materials aimed at making National Credit Union Youth Week a family affair.

“Credit unions may be surprised to learn there are more than 20 million nonmember youth living in the homes of current members,” says Youth Week Coordinator Joanne Sepich. “What could be better than a single campaign that brings in both loans and new young members? When adults bring in youth to open an account or make a deposit, credit unions can thank them with a grownup-sized reward.”

The Saving Challenge tracks deposits made to credit union youth accounts during April. In 2011, 300 participating credit unions brought in $28.5 million in youth deposits and opened 9,000 new youth accounts.

CUNA awarded $100 cash prizes to 10 participating youth chosen at random. Credit unions new to the Saving Challenge will find tips from mentors online.

The loan campaign ties in with the Saving Challenge, which runs throughout April. It helps credit unions build member loyalty by giving adults a tangible reward for launching youth down the path of successful money management.

The free loan campaign materials are available exclusively to affiliated credit unions that participate in the Saving Challenge. Once registered, credit unions enjoy free access to Super Saver theme art and customizable copy.

Coupled with the promotional materials, CUNA is offering up to 50% discounts on some popular educational tools that participating credit unions can share with all members.

“We’ve seen a tremendous response to the campaign materials,” Sepich adds. “Credit unions seem to be noticing the value of getting whole families involved, no matter their age,” noting that registrations for the Saving Challenge doubled after adding the tools.

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For more information, contact Joanne Sepich at 800-356-9655, ext. 4867.