2012 Governmental Affairs Conference

Rep. Woodall: No. 1 Job Is to Serve

Explain to members the need for increased member business lending.

March 21, 2012

Freshman Rep. Rob Woodall, R-Ga., told credit union attendees at the Tuesday General Session that his number one job is to serve the people in his district.

“I’m in the customer service business like you, every day,” he said.

A chief concern is how to get people in the game so they can solve our economy’s problems. Unfortunately, fewer Americans are investing in entrepreneurism today, he said. “Sadly, they aren’t even trying.”

But credit unions can give these entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed with increased member business lending. 

And speaking of tools, Woodall reminded the crowd how much Americans love credit unions.

“Are you using that tool?” he asked. “How many of you have explained to members the need for the bill [H.R. 1418, to increase the member business lending cap]? You can give them more tools if the regulations were different."

“Members don’t know there are laws of the land on the federal books that say no [to more business lending],” he said.

And members trust you. “You owe it to members to give them the benefit of your expertise,” said Woodall, an H.R. 1418 co-sponsor.

“Americans still run this country, but it’s just that so many don’t know how. They believe their vote doesn’t count,” he said. “But more involvement will make for a better America.”

Too much cynicism has eroded the confidence of Americans about who’s in charge. Your members are your boss; voters are mine, he said.