Leaders: Go Back To the Basics

Companies looking grow their businesses in a sluggish economy should go back to leadership basics.

April 1, 2012

Companies still looking to grow their businesses in a sluggish economy might want to get back to the leadership basics.

So what does it take to lead a business through today’s economy, asks? Consider these five tips:

  1. Listen. Tune in to what workers and customers are saying to cull ideas on how to move forward.
  2. Give credit. Workers appreciate leaders who acknowledge their efforts.
  3. Communicate. So much company dysfunction can be prevented with clear communication. Otherwise, workers are in the dark. And soon, they won’t care.
  4. Be accountable. Define the results you want, and acknowledge when some thing goes wrong and it’s your fault.
  5. Share the big picture. If your employees don’t know your goals, it can be hard for them to solve problems.