Tips for Social Media Success

Advice for making the most of your credit union’s social media space.

June 1, 2012

Social media experts offer this advice for making the most of your credit union’s social media space:

► Post and tweet about universally relevant information. “People don’t necessarily care about credit union products and services,” says Steven Ramirez, CEO, Beyond The Arc. Instead, discuss what people want to use their money for, and how money helps improve their lives and the lives of their families. Then offer information to help them reach their goals.

► Be unpredictable. “If you do the same posts at the same time of day over and over, it’s a recipe for failure,” says Nancy Dibert, owner of Epic Marketing. “And don’t talk only about yourself.”

► Allowtime for social media efforts. Content scheduling and time boxing are two techniques suggested by Victoria Selfridge, director of marketing at Ent Federal Credit Union, Colorado Springs, Colo. This helps her “make sure our sites get the time and attention they need, without distracting me from my other responsibilities.”

► Be strategic. “Before we did anything, we sent out a survey to see what members would find interesting on Facebook,” says Laura Seymour, social media expert at The Summit Federal Credit Union, Rochester, N.Y. The survey asked members how many posts per week they preferred and what type of content they wanted. “This has helped us create a strategic social media plan that meets their interests.”

► Outsource if you don’t have the expertise on staff. “If you try to have someone who uses social media only for family and personal time, there’s a good chance you’re going to fail,” says Mike Powers, vice president, marketing and lending at Garden Savings Federal Credit Union, Parsippany, N.J.

► Offerincentives for follower participation. People don’t sign up for brand fan pages unless the product/service is very exciting, says Jay Valanju, CEO of BuzzBanking. “I’m pretty sure people don’t care to know if a credit union opens early or has a shredding day. So the best way to use social media is to reward people for getting information about your credit union out there.”