Part I

What Tech Innovations Lie Ahead?

Focus not only on what technology to deploy but on how to deploy it.

September 6, 2012

What future technologies will help credit unions compete with banks, payday lenders, and nontraditional financial providers in the future?

Those that help credit unions connect with members, says Joerg Engelhardt, vice president, financial industry marketing, for Diebold.

In the first of a two-part series, Engelhardt shares his impressions about technology innovation and offers insights into what credit unions can expect to see in the months and years ahead.

Credit Union Magazine: What new technologies will Diebold provide in the next few years that are largely unknown at this point?

Credit Union Magazine: What technology will have the biggest impact on CU operations, marketing, or other disciplines in the next decade?

Credit Union Magazine: What technologies will be most helpful to credit unions in competing with banks, payday lenders, online financial providers, and nontraditional financial providers in the decade ahead?

Credit Union Magazine: How big of an issue is security in this new environment?

Stay tuned: In part II of this interview, Engelhardt will reveal how virtualization and cloud computing may affect the financial services industry, and how credit unions can use technology to attract and retain young adult members.