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October 24, 2012
A large percentage of consumers can’t define how credit unions differ from banks. More, still, believe they can’t qualify for membership.

This month, with International Credit Union Day (ICU Day) on Oct. 18, there’s no better time to explain, promote, and celebrate the credit union difference.

Credit unions continually dem-onstrate their ability to improve the lives of individuals, families, communities, and countries around the world. They’ve done so for generations.

Credit unions celebrating ICU Day demonstrate with more than 186 million members worldwide that members matter most.

It’s a great opportunity to remind members why they belong to a credit union and show them appreciation for their membership.

CUNA offers many promotional items for the celebration. Best-selling items include:

  • T-shirts;
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID) credit card protectors;
  • Halloween bags; and
  • Cork coasters.

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Want to share your love of the credit union movement?

Proudly show it off in style with these creative CUNA products:

  • “I Love My CU” T-shirts;
  • Mugs and cups; and
  • Statement stuffers.

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Thought Leadership, Information, and Inspiration for the Board

The decisions your board makes—or doesn’t make—determine your credit union’s vision, focus, and service to members.

That’s why Credit Union Directors Newsletter is essential for all credit union volunteer leaders to keep pace with the speed and complexity of change in the credit union movement, including:

  • Policy implicationsof new legislation, regulations, and services;
  • Industry research,summarized through charts and tables;
  • Tips to become more confident and effective leaders; and
  • Strategic insighton high-performance governance, risk management, CEO compensation and oversight, and succession planning.

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How Do Your Benefits Compare?

Use CUNA’s 2012-2013 Credit Union Staff Benefits Survey to see how your benefits packages compare with those at other credit unions.

With diminishing budgets, it can be a challenge to determine affordable and competitive benefits packages. This report, available in November, shows how employee benefits are changing so you can maintain your competitive position.

Plus, discover how credit unions control rising benefits costs. This valuable report includes health plan eligibility and coverage trends.

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