CUNA's Community CU & Growth Conference

Live an Inspired and Inspiring Life

Author says it’s time for cooperatives to get their mojo back.

October 25, 2012

It’s time for the cooperative movement to get back its mojo, author Lance Secretan said in his keynote speech at CUNA’s Community Credit Union and Growth Conference in Denver.

In other words, Secretan wants credit union staff to live inspired and inspiring lives.

“What do you want to be?” he asked the group. “Do you want to change the world?”

If that’s the case, everything you do should be inspiring, he says. If not, why do it?

This starts from within, Secretan adds: You are inspired (the spark), you live an inspiring life (the flame), and you share with others the opportunity to do so (the torch).

Don’t confuse leadership with inspiration. Leadership is a technical idea—inspiration comes from the heart.

And don't confuse inspiration with motivation. Motivation is manipulating the behavior of others, he says. Employees perform much better if they are inspired, not motivated.

“CASTLE Principles” can guide you as you make a difference in the world, Secretan says. “These values are what other people experience when you touch their lives, inspiring them to greater things.”

CASTLE stands for:

"We are the most effective when we have learned to be courageous, authentic, serving, truthful, and loving,” Secretan says. “Practice CASTLE and you will inspire others.”