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Rely on CUNA Partners to Increase Loans and Decrease Loan Losses

Black Book and GreenPath are two companies that can benefit your CU.

November 19, 2012

Black Book. Put your auto loan program in the fast lane with Black Book's timely, independent, and accurate vehicle pricing. For more than 12 years, CUNA has partnered with Black Book to provide credit unions with the right vehicle answers, right away.

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GreenPath. This trusted CUNA Strategic Services partner works with credit unions to bring high-quality financial counseling, financial education, and debt management to members. By offering GreenPath’s services, your credit union can benefit from:

  • Decreased loan losses, delinquencies, and potential threats to your loan portfolio;
  • Fewer members falling victim to payday loan, debt settlement, credit repair, or mortgage modification scams;
  • Increased sales of products and services to members who become lower credit risks after working with GreenPath; and
  • Higher member loyalty by demonstrating a commitment to your members’ financial well-being.

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Give Members Resources to Deal with Dealers

Rely on these resources to ensure members get the best rate – and to ensure they use your credit union’s services and loans.

  • Take the Wheel: Get the Best Car Deal member seminar kit (Stock #26673). Everything you need to plan and execute a member seminar is in the box—just add the members. Use this seminar kit to show members how to determine how much car they can afford, negotiate the best price, and decipher financing options.
  • Drive a Bargain on Your Next Car drive-up envelope (Stock #29466). Encourage your members to check credit union auto loan rates before visiting a dealer with this envelope design.
  • What Beats 0% Financing? drive-up envelope (Stock #29677). Use this envelope to show members that a rebate with a credit union loan is a better deal than 0% auto financing.
  • Looking for Extra Cash? Refinance! drive-up envelope (Stock #32179). Remind your members about your attractive refinance rates for auto loans with this eye-catching envelope design.
  • Your Vehicle Buying Road Map handbook (Stock #26825). Shopping for a vehicle can be time-consuming and a little confusing. Take members step-by-step through every phase of a vehicle purchase with this 32-page handbook.

For the full listing of auto member education products, visit and select “view by topic” under “member education.”

Identify Growth Opportunities

For many credit unions, it’s time to start thinking about strategic planning. That means it’s the perfect time for a CUNA member survey. It can help determine:

  • What new services to add;
  • What advantages you have over competitors; and
  • How to build stronger member loyalty and attract more members.

Your credit union can gather this essential member information and more — without paying any cost until 2013. You get the results you need without the end-of-year budget crunch.

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