CUNA Lending Council Conference

‘Give Your Best Asset a Voice’ with Social Media

Be fun and real—and don’t delete angry posts.

November 9, 2012

“People do business with people they like—and they recommend businesses they love.”

Connecting with members via social media is like any other relationship, says Jennifer Maxfield, electronic marketing manager for $1.5 billion asset GTE Financial Credit Union in Tampa, Fla. It takes steady communication, frequent availability, empathy, a sense of humor—and the ability to overlook others’ flaws from time to time.

She addressed the CUNA Lending Council Conference in Miami.

GTE Financial launched its Facebook page in 2009 when it introduced a new youth checking account. The credit union aims to engage members with social media and create valued relationships because “people do business with people they like,” Maxfield says. “And they recommend businesses they love.”

Plus, social media gives members a voice. “Our loyal members are our best asset,” she says. “Give your best asset a voice. We’d be missing out on these great stories if we didn’t have a Facebook page.”

These voices are more powerful than any marketing message could be. When members post unsolicited comments such as “thank you for making my life easier,” they have a big impact. According to Nielsen, 78% of people consider others’ recommendations the most credible.

Maxfield offers these strategies for social media success:

“And let everyone know you did what you said you would,” she says. “That way, everyone knows how awesome you are.”