Killer Campaign Attracts Attention & Auto Loans

'A fun approach can make a difference' in CU marketing.

December 27, 2012

With a company tagline of “Destroy the Box,” it’s no surprise that James Robert Lay, CEO of the marketing agency PTP New Media, embraces the offbeat.

“The credit union world tends to be relatively conservative,” he says, “but the success of our campaigns proves that a fun approach can make a difference.”

A recent campaign—a zombie-themed, multichannel extravaganza—has been used by 15 credit unions, and another 15 are dying to roll it out in the coming months.

“Every credit union that has used it met or exceeded their numbers,” says Lay. “It generated good member response and a ton of positive press.”

To date, the program has been used for auto loans—the perfect way to escape a zombie attack—and Lay believes it could also be a good way to grow credit card programs.

“When credit unions blend the online elements, which include interactive video, with offline components—staff dressing up as zombies—the results have been exceptional,” Lay says. “Storytelling is an excellent way for the credit union movement to communicate its value.”