Build Your Workforce, 2013 Style

Putting together a top-notch team isn’t a passive activity.

February 18, 2013

These recruiting trends, from, will continue to intensify this year:

  • Referrals. This recruiting tactic will continue to produce the highest volume and quality of hires. Top firms will aim for 50%.
  • Live video interviewing. This hiring tool will become the standard, at least for initial interviews.
  • Sustainability. Sustainable business practices among employees and candidates will eventually become an essential employer brand pillar.
  • Retention and recruiting. The rate of turnover among highly desirable employees will increase, leaving many vacancies to be filled.
  • Candidate selling. While finding candidates can be easy, the overall emphasis will be on successfully “selling” top talent on your business.
  • Remote work. The growth of technology and the willingness of managers to accept remote work options will expand recruiting for remote jobs to a worldwide pool.
  • Volatility and workforce planning. As continuous business volatility becomes the “new normal,” data-driven workforce planning will become an absolute requirement. 
  • The effective use of contingent workers (approaching 40% of the workforce) will become essential to provide agility and flexibility.
  • Recruiting at industry events. This activity will be essential for pitching top and diverse talent.
  • Personalized recruiting. More organizations will target extremely high-value candidates.