Five Reasons Leaders Must Lead on Training

Done training? Think Again.

May 19, 2013

Done training?

Think again.
If you think you’re done learning, you’ll fail. In fact, you already have failed, according to Inc.
Great leaders never stop learning, and that means great leaders never stop training. Here are five reasons why:
1. Adaptability. Executing plans perfectly rarely happens, meaning mission success oft en relies more on you and your team’s abilities than on planning. Ability comes from training.
2. Vision. Organizations depend on leadership to see around corners and anticipate environmental changes. Leaders must constantly acquire knowledge and understanding to anticipate. 
3. Recruiting. As the environment changes, companies require different types of talent. Leaders must find the right people, train them, and then keep them. Knowing what kind of people you need requires continuous knowledge development.
4. Growth. Leaders seeking business growth must first embrace the concept personally and professionally. If you don’t challenge yourself to improve, conditions stagnate and progress stalls. And, if you don’t embrace this ideal in yourself, instilling it in your team is unlikely.
5. Execution. An organization’s strategic plan means nothing without stellar execution. Good plans fail all the time. To accomplish goals, leaders must provide their people with the proper resources to overcome impending obstacles.