FinovateSpring Comes to a Close

USAlliance FCU demos cutting-edge cross-selling tool.

May 16, 2013


Micronotes: USAlliance Federal Credit Union CEO Kris VanBeek and Ariel Taylor, Micronotes product manager, talk about the company’s cross-sell product and how effective it has been at VanBeek's credit union.

Micronotes uses predictive analytics and business rules to build audiences. It routes leads to product managers in the financial institution for follow-up.


Zooz: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Ronen Morecki and Vice President of Business Development Noam Inbar introduce a consumer-driven payments platform that offers a comprehensive solution for e-commerce websites and mobile apps.

Zooz's approach is based on users' behavior and not only on the technical aspects of payments.


LendUp: CEO Sasha Orloff and CTO Jacob Rosenberg talk about the LendUp Ladder, a program that uses small-dollar loans to provide a path out of the payday loan debt trap and helps borrowers build credit.

The product is available on any Web-enabled device and offers first-time borrowers up to $250 for up to 30-day term, and proven borrowers up to $1,000 for up to a year.


Persint: CEO Steve Cotton and Chief Information Officer Curry Pelot demo their consumer analytics app that integrates with account aggregation and is complements existing personal financial management programs.

The program delivers performance context by comparing data with U.S. household peers. Only five demographic inputs can segment a household into one of more than 100 unique peer groups.


IntelliResponse: CEO David Lloyd and Vice President of Marketing Mike Hennessy discuss their virtual agent solution that enables financial institutions to deliver answers to self-service questions posed across a wide array of delivery channels.

The company's voice-recognition technology enables mobile users to ask questions in a conversational style and receive answers wherever they are.

The system works on corporate websites, voice- and text-enabled mobile apps, social media platforms, and agent desktops.