CUNA CFO Council Conference
CFO Conference

Scenes from the 19th Annual CUNA CFO Council Conference

The event kicked off Sunday with a record-breaking 462 attendees, including 63 first-timers.

May 20, 2013

CFO Conference

The allowance for loan losses account likely generates the most discussions during credit union exams than any other account, says Bart Ferrin, CPA, Farrin & Co. LLC. So make sure your loan policy and procedures documentation is adequate and your reasoning for allowances is sound. 

CFO Conference

  David Hilton of D. Hilton & Associates says CEO candidates should ask three questions immediately: What's the board like? What's management like? What's the compensation package? 


Risk management is managing the uncertainty side of your CU's performance, says Alan White, president, Vital Insights, during his preconference workshop.


How do you communicate with influence? Engage your listeners by staying focused on one person at a time for a full sentence or thought, according to Stacey Hanke, founder, Stacey Hanke Inc. 


Giving--and receiving--feedback was an important lesson CFO Council attendees learned during Stacey Hanke's "Speak to Be Heard" preconference workshop.


The 19th Annual CUNA CFO Council Conference kicked off Sunday in Phoenix. It features a record-breaking 462 attendees, including 63 first-timers. These CU executives spent time getting to know each other during the first-time attendee orientation. 


Tom Lybeck (left), CUNA Strategic Services, and Jim Fitzpatrick, Diebold, during the CUNA CFO Council Conference welcome reception.


Jack Lohan (left), education coordinator, Performance Trust Capital Partners, welcomes CUs during the opening reception of the 19th Annual CUNA CFO Council Conference in Phoenix. Performance Trust University sponsored the reception. David Rohn, CUNA Councils' vice president, looks on.


The Welcome Center was the place to register and to meet with conference sponsors.