America's Credit Union Conference
Jimmy Stewert

Keep It a "Wonderful Life" for Members

Attendees impersonate actor Jimmy Stewart to send a message to Congress: "Don't Tax My CU!"

July 2, 2013


America’s Credit Union Conference (ACUC) attendees watched in amusement during video footage of colleagues’ best—and worst—Jimmy Stewart impersonations, a la “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Look in the camera, and “deliver a message to Washington,” ACUC emcee Mark DeCarlo told the credit union “impressionists” in the video.

“There you go again, cutting down the little guy,” said Ray from California.

And Audrey from Virginia added, “We’re there for the little guy.”

Attendees will determine the most gifted impersonator, and the winner will receive a $200 gift card—and free registration to next year’s ACUC.

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