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Scenes from Tuesday at the ACUC

Cirque du Soleil's Lyn Heward highlights the third day in New York.

July 3, 2013


Everyone has a wellspring of creativity, said Lyn Heward, Montreal Cirque du Soleil’s director of creation.  She believes organizations should embrace “collective creativity,” whereby everyone is responsible for contributing to the creative process. Read more about Heward's keynote.


“Super productivity” is about getting the most impact out of every hour you work, productivity expert Neen James said Tuesday. It’s about being prepared to write off what doesn’t matter and focus your efforts on implementing and executing those tasks that do.


Competition for consumers’ wallets is more intense than ever and is coming from many directions, said John Lass, CUNA Mutual Group's senior vice president, strategy and business development. But CUs are in a good position to outflank their bigger rivals in this battle if they become more consumer-centric by using member data that’s readily available to them. 


Companies with leaders who embrace innovation have 17% higher profits than those that don’t, according to a 2011 Booz & Co. study cited by Tansley Stearns, director of innovation and applied research for the Filene Research Institute. Innovation doesn’t depend on a company’s size, she said Tuesday. “It’s more about the creation of a culture of innovation and less about budget.”


“CUs’ assumptions about members are often rooted in old standards and not the facts,” David Polet, director of CUNA Mutual Group’s voice of customer division, said Tuesday. “According to our research, 88% of credit union members have relationships with other financial institutions,” meaning CUs aren’t the preferred choice for some types of financial services.


Social media can be the catalyst in activating and rallying millions of Americans to help CUs achieve their goals, CUNA Board Chair Pat Wesenberg said Tuesday. “With our emphasis on people power—which is growing every day, as our recent membership growth shows—the use of social media is right in our wheelhouse.” Read more about Wesenberg's ACUC address.

ACUC 2013 Cheryl Cran main

Different generations have varying work styles, Cheryl Cran, author of “101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y, and Zoomers Happy at Work.” This will require CU leaders to “look through the lens” of each generation to “coach their performance and get what you want.” Read more about Cran's ACUC talk.