Compete on Experience, Not Price

Ask qualifying questions to discover members’ life stages.

September 19, 2013

Many retailers, financial institutions included, are turning to mystery shoppers to improve the customer experience.

Mystery shopping enables organizations to measure how closely customers’ experiences reflect what the organization expects them to experience, Eric Gagliano said during the Cornerstone Credit Union League’s Leadership Conference and Expo.

Gagliano is senior vice president, client management, for MarketMatch.

Whenever a consumer goes through a certain life stage or milestone, Gagliano says, there are related financial needs. “It’s up to you to ask the qualifying questions to discover the member’s life stage cycle and offer appropriate products and services.

“Don’t compete on price, compete on experience.”

Gagliano says it’s important to have a clear member interaction process. This includes:

Greeting current and potential members appropriately when they walk into the branch;

Asking leading questions to determine their needs and confirm what they told you;

Determining other needs they might have and providing information on products and services to address those needs.

If your credit union has multiple checking accounts, for example, don’t tell them about all of the accounts. Instead, ask questions to determine which accounts are most appropriate for them.

Following up with members with a handwritten note or phone call.

“Above all,” Gagliano says, “treat members like they are guests in your home”