CUs Promote Female Leadership Worldwide

The Global Women's Leadership Network emphasizes professional and personal development.

October 1, 2013

Worldwide Oct 2013 7

The Global Women’s Leadership Network, established by the World Council of Credit Unions, provides women access to a global community of credit union leaders.

The network is dedicated to advising and promoting the leadership potential of women across the globe.

Photos: Global Women's Leadership Forum

To accomplish this goal, the network engages women in professional and personal development through social media and online resources, educational platforms, and networking events. By interacting with other professionals in a business forum, women can access resources and learn from the experiences of their peers.

Autonomous chapters, called “sister societies,” established in several regions around the world, further the network’s global mission by making a local impact in their credit union communities.

Sister societies organize in-person meetings—usually in credit union offices—to discuss important issues impacting women in leadership positions, to share knowledge and expertise, and to implement cooperative projects.

Ten sister societies have been established to date-six in the U.S. and four overseas. Network members plan to launch at least three more societies later this year.

The network also holds a number of annual events including the Leadership Forum—held in conjunction with the World Credit Union Conference.

In July, this year’s Leadership Forum brought together 114 female leaders in Ottawa, Canada.

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