Registries Designed for Digital Donors

A+FCU offers myBaby, myGrad, and myWedding savings accounts.

November 1, 2013

A+ Federal Credit Union has given gift registries a decidedly 21st century twist.

Members at the $1 billion credit union in Austin, Texas can set up separate savings accounts for weddings, newborns, and high-school and college graduations, and direct friends and family to make electronic deposits into these digital registries.

A+FCU unveiled the new offerings along with the rollout of a new website, designed around its philosophy of providing services that focus on life events, rather than stages of life.

“They’re really just plain old regular savings accounts but with the awesome added feature allowing anyone in the world to contribute via credit or debit card,” says Stan Cowan, vice president of marketing for A+FCU.

When members open a myBaby, myGrad, or myWedding account, they receive 50 registry cards detailing the online giving process that can be mailed out with invitations or announcements. The website provides access to a slew of financial, governmental, and advisory resources.

The credit union charges donors a flat $1 transaction rate to cover its costs. The system sends an automated thank-you note and notifies recipients of gifts so they can follow up with a more extensive message.

A+FCU kicked off an official marketing campaign last month, with 11 billboards and a series of humorous TV commercials based around these life events.

One features a “bridezilla” who goes on a vase-breaking rampage at a flower shop when informed she’ll have to settle for white lilies for the big day rather than her preferred lemon chiffon variety.

“It’s all under the tagline, ‘Life is crazy enough—your finances shouldn’t be,’” Cowan says.