CUNA History 101: Mark Condon Through the Years

The senior vice president of business and consumer publishing retired after more than 30 years.

November 1, 2013

Mark Condon office

Mark Condon retired this fall as CUNA's senior vice president of business and consumer marketing.

In this pictorial, Credit Union Magazine takes a look at his more than 30 years with the trade association.

During that time, Condon—seen here in his office in Madison, Wis.—became well-known for his presentations on credit union and CUNA history. He gave a command performance for CUNA staff on his last day at CUNA (view below).

Mark Condon b/w 1992

As vice president of publications in 1992, Condon thumbs through an issue of CU Magazine. He started at CUNA as an assistant editor on CU Magazine in 1977.

Mark Condon with Lynda MiltonCondon presen

ts Lynda Milton, CEO of Houston Teamsters FCU, with CU Magazine's 2008 CU Hero of the Year Award, during CUNA's America's CU Conference. Condon was instrumental in starting the honor.

Mark Condon with Maria Martinez

Maria J. Martinez, board chairperson of the Network of Latino CUs & Professionals, presents Condon with the group's Leadership & Support Award in 2012 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., during CUNA's Governmental Affairs Conference.

Mark Condon golfing with SVPs

From left: CUNA senior vice presidents Harley Skjervem, Wes Millar, Condon, and Terry Costin get ready to tee it up at a charity golf outing in September 2009.