BAI Retail Delivery 2013

Innovation Often Happens at 'the Click Moment'

Business success can be random and serendipitous.

November 7, 2013
"When trying to achieve success, we tend to rely on logic," says Frans Johansson, author and CEO of The Medici Group. "But logic doesn't give you a competitive advantage. If you rely on logic, you and all your competitors will end up in the same place." 
Johansson—author of "The Medici Effect" and "The Click Moment"—was the keynote speaker Tuesday at BAI's 2013 Retail Delivery Conference in Denver.
Through his study of innovation and transformative ideas, Johansson concludes that "success is often random and serendipitous—it happens at 'the click moment.' If success is so unpredictable, can we really plan for success?
"The purpose of strategy is not to figure out the right answer," Johansson says. "The purpose of strategy is to convince ourselves to act."
Johansson gave conference attendees this to-do list:
  • Borrow an idea from another industry. "All new ideas are combinations of existing ideas."
  • Try far more ideas than others, a recipe for people who change the world. "Your job is to bring down the cost of those trials."
  • Make sure you're adequately staffed for innovation. 
  • Rethink risk management around innovation.

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