BAI Retail Delivery 2013

Scenes from the BAI Retail Delivery Conference

A photographic look at the event in Denver.

November 8, 2013


The BAI 2013 Retail Delivery Conference draws more than 225 exhibitors and thousands of attendees.

Peter Alvarez (left), emerging markets manager for Redstone FCU, Huntsville, Ala., and Laura Castro de Cortes, vice president of alternative financial services for Centris FCU, Omaha, Neb., discuss their institutions' success in serving the underserved Wednesday at BAI's 2013 Retail Delivery Conference in Denver. 
"About 40% of the households in the Huntsville, Ala., area are either unbanked or underbanked," Alvarez says. 
Redstone FCU created Right Choice Money Services outlets to provide affordable check-cashing, bill-pay, and other services, primarily to local Hispanic consumers.
"We're a credit union," Alvarez says. "Our mandate is to serve people of modest means."

Bob Meara (left), senior analyst with Celent, presents research on consumers' use of branches.
Steve Kubala (right), senior vice president/chief operating officer for University FCU in Austin, Texas, discussed his credit union's innovative self-service model that blends technology, culture, and organizational change. During its first six months, the initiative saved more than $400,000 per branch in annual operating costs and more than doubled sales productivity. 
University FCU was named a Celent Model Financial Institution in 2013.


Belinda Caillouet (right), chair of the CUNA Technology Council and vice president of information technology for Spokane (Wash.) Teachers CU, presents a Best of Show Award to Mitek Systems, a leading provider of mobile banking imaging software. Keith Gray, Mitek's vice president of sales, accepts the award. Joining the presentation is BAI President/CEO Debbie Bianucci.

BAI Matt K
As you engage in the process of radical collaboration, "you have to be comfortable with being a little uncomfortable," says Matt Krogstad, vice president and head of mobile at Bank of the West in Denver. 
He's joined by fellow Bank of the West executive Gina Wolley.


"The key issue with innovation is not haste, it's patience," says Malcolm Gladwell, a staff writer for The New Yorker who wrote bestsellers such as "The Tipping Point" and "Blink."

"The innovation race is not to the swift; the innovation race is to the patient," he says.


"When trying to achieve success, we tend to rely on logic," says Frans Johansson, author and CEO of The Medici Group. "But logic doesn't give you a competitive advantage. If you rely on logic, you and all your competitors will end up in the same place."


Credit unions have an opportunity to expand their small business lending to fill a space vacated by banks, says Charles Wendel, president of Financial Institutions Consulting. "Following the recession, banks have created a very narrow box within which they'll lend. "That has created an opportunity for other lenders to come in and make those loans."


Speakers at the BAI 2013 Retail Delivery Conference include retail banking executives, global technology leaders and industry analysts. The event took place in the Bellco Theatre at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver.



Debbie Bianucci, president/CEO of the Bank Administration Institute, welcomes attendees to day two of the organization's 2013 Retail Delivery Conference on Wednesday. "We are so 'heads-down' on regulatory compliance that we need to lift our heads up and look around for opportunities to be innovative," she says.

"Consumers want to do business with companies that solve problems for them, so your brand should promise to solve problems," Peter Sheahan tells attendees of BAI's 2013 Retail Delivery Conference in Denver on Thursday. 
"It's important that your financial institution take more controlled risks because action always precedes clarity," says Sheahan, who wrote the bestselling books "Flip" and "Generation Y".


YouTube Co-founder Steve Chen (right) discusses innovation theories on Thursday, adding that "every minute, 18 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube."

Brian Wong (center), co-founder and CEO of Kiip!—a mobile rewards network—joined Chen on the panel, moderated by author Peter Sheahan (left).