GAC 2014

‘Our Mission is to Protect CUs’

Our nation’s policy makers must understand and appreciate our cooperative business model.

February 13, 2014

Each year, it is vitally important that credit unions gather together in the nation’s capital to ensure our voices are heard by the nation’s policy makers. And it is especially important that they understand and appreciate our unique structure and the value of our cooperative business model.

But this year holds even greater importance. Our mission is to protect credit unions—by ensuring the continuation of our tax exemption—and to urge Congress and regulators to ease the regulatory burden on our institutions, and support the enhancement of the credit union charter for even better service to our members.

By your presence here, we can convince policy makers to move forward on both, noting that doing so will go a long way in continuing credit unions’ role in returning to consumers billions each year in financial benefits—from lower rates on loans, higher returns on savings, and fewer and lower fees.

It’s up to us to set our own agenda and establish our priorities on Capitol Hill and in Washington. The education process with policy makers begins right here in Washington at the GAC.

Thank you for your attendance this week, and for your ongoing commitment to political involvement in support of the credit union movement.

Have a great conference!

PAT WESENBERG is CUNA’s chairman and president/CEO of Central City Credit Union in Marshfield, Wis.