GAC 2014

Our Long-Term Future is Bright

‘Our company’s culture is built on values.’

February 13, 2014

Bob Trunzo

For generations, credit unions have relied on CUNA Mutual Group as a leader in insurance and financial services.

Today, our company is growing, we remain financially strong, and our products make a difference for credit unions and their members. Our commitment to credit unions stands the test of time.

I am honored to be the eighth president/CEO of CUNA Mutual Group. When our company made this leadership transition on Jan. 1, 2014, we did it the credit union way: with transparency, collaboration, and an eye on long-term success.

You can continue to depend on CUNA Mutual Group. We will keep delivering strong products, and we will continue helping you build deeper relationships with your members.

And you can rest assured that our company’s culture is built on values: doing business with integrity, maintaining a clear focus, and having the courage to do the right things.

This commitment has served our company well—and it will continue.

CUNA Mutual Group has served credit unions for generations—and we look forward to working with you for generations to come. Together, our long-term future is very bright.

I hope you enjoy Washington, D.C., and embrace the opportunity to participate in this year’s GAC.

BOB TRUNZO is president/CEO of CUNA Mutual Group.