CUNA's Top Legislative and Regulatory Priorities

Emphasize the benefits of the federal tax exemption while fending off bankers’ attacks at the state and local level.

February 23, 2014
What are CUNA’s top legislative and regulatory priorities? 
  • Defend the tax status. Emphasize the benefits of the federal tax exemption, while fending off bankers’ attacks at the state and local level. 
  • Reduce regulatory burden. Press the CFPB to provide more expansive exemptions to credit unions, and work with leagues to assist credit unions in their regulatory compliance.
  • Engage members in advocacy efforts such as Don’t Tax My Credit Union. Educate members about the cooperative difference and the merits of credit unions’ not-for-profit structure.
  • Protect members from merchant data breaches. Support legislation that holds all entities—including merchants—financially responsible for data security.
  • Push for continued improvements to the NCUA exam process. Call special attention to areas of fairness, objectivity, and a meaningful appeals process.  
  • Engage in housing finance reform. Ensure credit unions have continued access to the housing finance marketplace on fair and reasonable terms.
  • Maintain marketplace flexibility. Oppose undue limitations on member business loans or mortgages, and new price caps in any aspect of credit union operations, including interchange.
  • Push forward with “Plan to Win.” Continue to build a 535-seat strategy in which credit unions and their members reach out to lawmakers to press for passage of important legislation.