Strategic Philanthropy is Key to 'Unite for Good'

Reach out to unlikely partners such as nonprofits, local government agencies.

February 23, 2014
How can you create awareness so Americans choose credit unions as their best financial partner?
Use strategic philanthropy and community outreach to enhance your community’s financial well-being. 
Reach out to unlikely partners—nonprofits, local government, etc. Connect the business of your credit union—saving, lending, education, other financial products and services—to your charitable donations. 
For instance, why not buy a set of all Biz Kid$ episodes and donate them to your local children’s hospital? Or conduct a high-school reality fair or a retirement fair to teach people in your community about finances? 
The National Credit Union Foundation serves as a catalyst to help credit unions improve people’s financial lives by: 
  • Collaborating with Credit Unions for Kids® to have credit unions—through state leagues and foundations—purchase Biz Kid$ episodes for every Children’s Miracle Network Hospital nationwide; 
  • Partnering with CUNA and the leagues to provide financial counseling certification, so employees can better serve members; and
  • Offering Development Education training, teaching the cooperative principles and how they can be used today to build stronger communities. 
To hear more, attend Tuesday morning’s General Session and a breakout session on Tuesday afternoon, or stop by Exhibit Hall booth #471.
Let’s continue to work together and Unite for Good!