CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference
Denise Gabel preview MBD 14

Opening Scenes From MBD14

A photographic look at the annual CUNA conference.

March 14, 2014


Denise Gabel, emcee for the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference in Orlando, urges CU marketers and business developers to "figure out your passion." Doing so helps people clarify their strengths and their professional and personal roles. CUs, she says, are clear about why they do what they do—to help members. "But sometimes they're off track regarding 'what' and 'how.'"

Achieving lasting success requires CU marketers and business developers to be "rock star good," says business performance expert Ryan Estis. Rock star marketers, he says, do three things consistently well: Collaborate, serve as change agents, and champion the organization's culture. Estis was Thursday's keynote speaker.


Amanda Vester, marketing coordinator for ISU CU, Terre Haute, Ind. (left) and Amanda Brenneman, business development officer for Maps CU, Salem, Ore., look forward to Ryan Estis' presentation Thursday morning.


Selling marketing ideas to the CEO requires marketers to think like CEOs: Strategically, says Sean McDonald, director of business development for Mid-State FCU, Carteret, N.J., and owner of Your Full Potential. He led a session Thursday, "Selling your marketing ideas to the CEO."

How can CU marketers gain buy-in from front-line staff for their promotions? "Communicate and recognize, communicate and recognize, and repeat," says Michelle Hunter, vice president of marketing and business development for CU of Southern California and chair of the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Executive Committee. "Tell them how they're moving the needle and reward them," she said during a marketing panel discussion Thursday.


Running a one- or two-person marketing department requires prioritization and communication, says Toby Hayes, vice president of marketing for Cabrillo CU in San Diego. He participated in a marketing panel discussion Thursday.


Want to engage front-line staff in your marketing promotions? "Feed them, reward them, and tell them how awesome they are," Trudi Mullins, vice president of communications and team development for Singing River FCU, Moss Point, Miss., said during a marketing panel discussion Thursday.


Brand and culture are two major components of an organization's identity, says Matt Monge, chief culture officer for Mazuma CU, Kansas City, Mo. He led a breakout session Thursday about "how to avoid an organizational identity crisis."


The state of tomorrow's CUs will depend on how they respond to consumers' increasingly complex financial needs, says Tansley Stearns, impact director for the Filene Research Institute. She spoke Thursday about "propelling ideas into action."


There's an inverse relationship between functionality and convenience in CU delivery channels, says John Best, chief technology officer for Wescom CU's Denver office. "The more convenient the channel, the less functionality it delivers," he said Thursday during a discussion about mobile strategy.