Tweet-Up Tuesdays Serve Up Social Media Knowledge

CU social media specialists brainstorm monthly in league-sponsored sessions.

April 7, 2014


'Hangout' with #TweetUpTuesdays

Sit in (virtually) on a social media brainstorming session April 8 at 6:30 p.m. CT when CUNA Mutual Group Digital Media Manager Michael Ogden and Digital Media Strategist Holly Fearing conduct a Google+ tutorial with St. Louis-area credit union social media specialists via Google Hangout. Visit CUNA Mutual's Google+ page to view the hangout live, and look for a recorded version on CUNA Mutual's YouTube channel.

One day every month, social media specialists from St. Louis-area credit unions meet to exchange ideas, discuss experiences, and craft strategies.

These #TweetUpTuesdays are the brainchild of Kenny DeShields, social media specialist at Vantage Credit Union in Bridgeton, Mo., and have been adopted by the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA).

The meetings can be replicated anywhere with a critical mass of credit unions, says DeShields, who provided a blueprint others can follow:

Our #TweetUpTuesdays monthly gatherings usually take place on the second Tuesday of each month. We generally have eight to 10 credit unions in the “crew” as we call it, and we take turns hosting each month.

The host credit union selects a venue or restaurant for the meeting, creates an agenda and emails the information to Nora Holloway, the public relations/online community director at MCUA. We promote the event in the MCUA newsletter, on social media, and by word of mouth.

Those who aren’t able to physically attend the meeting can follow our discussion on Twitter by following the #TweetUpTuesdays hashtag.

We usually meet for an hour, order appetizers, socialize for a bit and jump right into our discussion. The hosting credit union facilitates the discussion and comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

The topics we've discussed include:

  • Creating a content calendar
  • Blogging effectively
  • Social media compliance
  • Running a Facebook Contests

We've shared strategies, such as:

  • Developing an overall theme for the month and creating posts around that theme can help with the content calendar.
  • Holding brainstorming sessions with our supervisors—and asking other employees for suggestions—keeps the ideas flowing.
  • Hanging a physical calendar on your wall in your cubicle or office helps me because it keeps the info right in front of me. This also helps with blogging. For example, Spring Cleaning is a commonly used theme during March, so we created posts around cleaning up your finances and getting rid of debt. For our #LocalFlavorSTL Blog, we featured a local cleaning company that works tirelessly in the community.

Follow these steps to start your own #TweetUp:

  1. Connect with other social media professionals on Twitter in your area by sharing ideas, commenting on their posts, and retweeting their links.
  2. Build a relationship with them and ask if they’d be interested in meeting on a regular basis to discuss social media best practices.
  3. Reach out to local restaurants, coffeeshops, and other venues and build a relationship with them as well. Many restaurant owners are starting to recognize the importance of social media and blogging. Let them know that you’ll mention them in your tweets and posts and help drive traffic through their doors.
  4. Create the buzz around #TweetUpTuesdays by talking about it often on social media with pics, videos, links, and posts that will assist credit unions with furthering their mission and message.
  5. Have fun!