It’s Time to Rethink IT Recovery

CUs must organize their server and network architecture into one system.

March 27, 2014

Ongoing Operations was established in 2005 by a group of credit unions that had the goal of shifting their risk posture from disaster recovery to business continuity.

What does this mean? Essentially, credit unions were sick of paying for backup services they would probably never use.

Kirk Drake
Kirk Drake

Instead, they wanted to devote their resources to create solutions they could leverage for small and large outages. These include recovering key components of the credit union business, not simply the whole thing.

Fast-forward several years and you’ll see that this shift is becoming more and more pronounced. It is no longer enough to recover key components, but we are moving closer to an active/active world.

Ultimately, with the ever-increasing shift to faster recovery point objective (RPO) or recovery time objectives (RTO) the bottle necks are no longer the hardware or software limitations. Instead they are increasingly moving to philosophical platform problem.

I would argue it is like the shift on a busy highway from stop lights with left turn lanes to a complete redesign of the intersection and migration to clover leafs.

Once the transition to a clover leaf takes place there is no going back. Traffic flows smoothly and efficiently and is no longer a turn based recovery effort. This change is slowly taking place in Credit Union Technology Land and it requires a radical shift in strategy planning.

The key change is that credit unions must organize their server and network architecture into one system. Your networks, routing, architecture, and other elements must be combined.

Effectively, this shift requires either the credit union to develop its entire platform and expertise, or it must rely on another party. In a sense, either the credit union must extend its platform into the disaster recovery provider or vice versa.

Without this change in architecture and strategy, you will be stuck with subpar RTO and RPOs—and stopping at traffic lights. To get to a truly fluid and smooth recovery you must pick a provider that can provide both production and disaster recovery tools—or you must manage all of it yourself.

KIRK DRAKE is founder/CEO of Ongoing Operations, a CUNA Strategic Services alliance provider.