2014 NACUSO Annual Conference

Scenes from NACUSO 2014

Speakers highlight advances in services, payment systems, and more.

April 18, 2014

Dennis Dollar

CUSOs should pursue an activist advocacy agenda to match NCUA’s activist regulatory agenda, says credit union consultant and former NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar (at right).

Marcus Sheridan

Building trust with consumers is the key to success in the digital marketplace, says indefatigable content marketing guru Marcus Sheridan.

The main question you should ask yourself, according to Sheridan: When prospects visit our website, do we help solve their problems better than anyone else in the world?

John Harris

John Harris, CEO of CU Insurance Alliance/Benefits Alliance, accepts the winner’s trophy in NACUSO’s CUSO/CU Collaboration & Innovation Awards.

The CUSO, created to offer affordable and high-quality health insurance options for CU employees, recently unveiled a private health insurance exchange platform.

America First CU

America First CU of Riverdale, Utah, claimed the NACUSO Collaboration & Innovation Award for CUs for investing in nearly 20 CUSOs and integrating their functionality into its daily operations.

Jane Pannier

Back-office CUSO solutions have become more commonplace, and that’s a positive development in managing the increasing mortgage compliance load, says Jane Pannier of AffirmX (formerly NeighborBench).

Pam Easley

CUs need a strategy for member business lending—and “getting more loans” is not one, says Pam Easley of CU Business Partners.

The CUSO asks its CU partners why they want to pursue MBL because examiners will want to know your organization has a clear purpose, she said.

Jeff Krogman

“Customers want payment methods that are safe, simple, and smart,” Jeff Krogman, vice president of client sales for U.S. markets for MasterCard, told NACUSO conference attendees. “That’s on us as an industry, to make sure the technology captures those three things.”

Simon Gao

“A little predicting goes a long way,” CUNA Mutual Group’s Simon Gao said during a breakout session on the power of predictive analytics for CUs.

Rick Metsger

CUSOs can be an important ally in credit unions’ fight to mitigate the risk of cyber terrorism, NCUA Board Member Rick Metsger said Tuesday. He also encouraged attendees to provide input on the agency’s risk-based capital proposal.

Mike Beall

Mike Beall, president/CEO of the National Cooperative Business Association, urged CU executives to form partnerships with cooperative businesses—and to shop with them to set an example.

Paul Ablack

Although nearly six in 10 credit unions understand the importance of being data-driven enterprises, just 5% are truly data-driven, according to Paul Ablack of OnApproach, which helps organizations leverage data to support better decision-making and drive profitability.

Patrick Connealy

More than 650 CUs, leagues, and CUSOs have relationships with the National Cooperative Bank, said Patrick Connealy, the institution’s senior vice president. With $616 million in deposits, credit union-related organizations represent more than one-third of the bank’s total deposits.

John Best

A central tenet of innovation is the acronym MVP, according to John Best, CEO of Best Innovation Group. Organizations with a great idea must aim to launch the Minimal Viable Product—that is, without extraneous features that, while valuable, could be added to subsequent iterations.

Kendal Jolly

What’s the secret to creating exceptional service within the Disney experience? Kendal Jolly of the Disney Institute, which trains new employees—“cast members” in Disney parlance—credits the company’s focus on behaviors, which are observable, trainable, and coachable.

Disney’s consistent business results are driven by overmanaging certain things that most companies undermanage or ignore, he said. “That is a key source of what differentiates us. We have learned to be intentional where others are unintentional.”

Jolly also preaches the value of a “common purpose.” Employees aren’t ask to memorize the Disney staff mantra, “We create happiness,” they’re asked to internalize it and to manifest that mindset in their job, whatever it may be.

Mike Joplin

Mike Joplin, CEO of CU Revest, accepts the honorable mention award in NACUSO’s CUSO/CU Collaboration & Innovation Awards.

Helping “good people” who have fallen on hard times restore their credit and relationship with their credit union has been a fulfilling experience for this relatively new CUSO, Joplin said.

Also pictured are Doug Petersen (left), president/CEO of Workers’ CU, Fitchburg, Mass., and a judge in the competition, and NACUSO President/CEO Jack Antonini.