CO-OP Think

Four Megatrends for CUs to Watch

These topics will dominate CO-OP Financial Services’ Think 15 Conference.

May 6, 2015

Global megatrends are converging and giving credit unions opportunity to "seize the day," said Samantha Paxson, chief marketing officer at CO-OP Financial Services.

Paxson kicked off CO-OP's Think 15 Conference in Colorado Springs, Colo., by detailing four megatrends that will permeate the event.

These four megatrends, Paxson said, are alive today:

1. Betterment. Building business by helping consumers achieve life goals.

2. Ubitech. Exploring the technology transforming consumers’ daily life.

3. Helpfull (yes, two Ls). Operationalizing new technology and experiences.

4. Local love. Prospering by being a mission-driven company.

These trends are new ways to serve age old desires for connection, convenience, and community. They are areas of expertise where credit unions thrive, Paxson said.

"This is our time," Paxson said. "The world seems to be catching up with what we have been all along."