CUNA fin. management school uses FI industry simulation

May 12, 2015

MADISON, Wis. (5/12/15)--A hands-on simulation aimed at strengthening financial management skills headlines this year’s CUNA Financial Management School, scheduled for Aug. 16-20 in Las Vegas.

Chief financial officers and other financial professionals will have the opportunity to make reality-based financial decisions and glean valuable skills from this event, which centers on the Stanford Bank Game.

“Most people learn best from experience and we’ve had tremendous success at our school using the Stanford Bank Game as a learning tool,” said Brad Covey, CUNA learning technology and blended learning director. “It’s an intensive simulation of the financial services industry. Students go through typical cause-and-effect financial management scenarios by sitting in the driver’s seat and watching their choices play out.”

Attendees will work in teams to make financial management decisions, address challenges and compete in a simulated marketplace. Industry professionals also will be on hand to provide insight on finance and accounting concepts.

The full school will be offered in three parts:

  • CUNA Financial Management School: Part 1--Attendees will gain hands-on experience working with a team to deal with different financial scenarios using the Stanford Bank Game, an asset-liability management learning tool;
  • CUNA Financial Management School 2--Attendees will participate in high-level decision-making and strategic scenarios, including risk management and strategic financial forecasting for long-term growth; and
  • CUNA Financial Management School 3--Attendees will work through issues they face at their own credit unions during group discussion sessions, which will include industry experts and peers.

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