Peach State awards nearly $130K for college, career development

May 26, 2015

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (5/26/15)--Peach State FCU, Lawrenceville, Ga., handed out $129,500 in scholarships this month as part of a program designed to honor the credit union’s founders, in addition to past and present board members and employees.

Scholarships also were awarded in honor of the lifetime achievement of several notable school system and community leaders.

“Peach State began as an education-based credit union, established to serve the needs of community educators,” said Marshall Boutwell, Peach State president/CEO. “These scholarships maintain that connection with our heritage. As the credit union continues to grow, so too does our commitment to the communities in our service area.”

In honor of the credit union’s founders, 16 $2,000 scholarships were awarded to members to help pay for continuing education.

In honor of past and present board members, nine $2,500 scholarships were awarded to high school seniors planning to return to Georgia after earning degrees in education.

Five $2,500 scholarships were awarded in honor of the lifetime achievement of a number of school system leaders, and two $2,500 scholarships were given in honor of community leaders.

Further, scholarships were underwritten at the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation for $15,000, at Georgia Gwinnett College for $30,000, at Gwinnett Technical College for $10,000, and at the University of Northern Georgia for $2,500.