Extracurricular programs gain from CU loan giveback

May 29, 2015

SEATTLE (5/29/15)--A Washington state-based credit union is helping Spokane-area schools fill a financial gap in funding for the extracurricular activities they offer their students.

Schools Employees CU of Washington, Seattle, has pledged to rebate 1%--up to $350 per loan--of member auto loans or refinances to the school of their choice as “giveback recipients,” with no strings attached.

1 LoanThe funds will help schools such as Mead High School--a flagship partner in the program--raise money for a semi-trailer to haul band equipment to competitions nationwide, in addition to helping pay for ongoing costs of travel, instruments and meals.

The school’s Bandwagon booster club received its May rebate check at a grand opening ceremony for one of the credit union’s new branches this week.

“We place high expectations on the students, which in turn generates a large amount of pride in what they do,” said Rob Lewis, incoming band director. “It’s very much a family that travels, works, eats, and breathes together.”