Roundtable Reveals Consumer Insights

CUNA Mutual Group event delves into consumers’ financial needs.

July 18, 2015

Consumer roundtable

Credit unions are trusted financial providers.

That was one insight that arose from a Consumer Insight Roundtable CUNA Mutual Group hosted in Madison, Wis., last week.

Company representatives talked to four consumers about their current financial situations, what’s important to them as consumers, how CUNA Mutual has helped them, and how the company can better serve them in the future.

Some of their insights follow.

Consumer roundtable

Jerilyn Owen (right) discusses her experience using CUNA Mutual’s debt protection product.

She found the coverage so valuable, “When my daughter and son took out their loan I encouraged them to add the insurance.”

Consumer roundtable

“That’s interesting,” said CUNA Mutual Group employee Faye Patzner (right), responding to customer Kimberly Suckow.

Suckow, who used the insurance company’s mortgage payment protection, is effusive about how much she loves her credit union, but tells the group that she’d never thought of her credit union as a resource for longer-term financial planning.

Consumer roundtable

“It’s comfortable,” Marilyn Coleman-Brown said of her retirement. “But my one concern is that when I had my taxes done I had a bit of bad news.”

Coleman-Brown, who uses CUNA Mutual’s retirement services, says she had to pay $5,000 in federal income taxes.

The company will help her make some adjustments to prevent that from happening again.

Consumer roundtable

Daniel Armand Locket (far right) says he took out a life insurance policy from CUNA Mutual after he received some information in the mail about it.

He trusted the information in part because it came from his credit union.

“I trust the credit union with my money, so I don’t think they’re going to send me something phony-baloney in the mail.”