7 co-op principles basis of Carolinas’ league CU staff training

June 12, 2015

RALEIGH, N.C. (6/12/15)--The Carolinas Credit Union League (CCUL) has expanded its Principles and Philosophy Conference, a two-day immersion in the history and philosophy of cooperatives and credit unions.

To provide more credit union employees with training on the seven cooperative principles, the league added a suite of training opportunities for presentation at local credit unions and chapters.

The training events are fully customizable depending on the needs of the individual credit union's education and training department.

"At first glance, credit unions and banks look a lot alike on the outside--and inside,” said Jeff Hardin, CCUL director of cooperative initiatives (In the Loop June 11). "Most offer the same products and services, delivered through similar channels, to the people doing business with them. While credit unions and banks might seem similar, they are fundamentally different. The seven cooperative principles are that fundamental difference."   

So far in 2015, more than 170 credit union staff in the Carolinas have received training on the cooperative principles. Training sessions have included hourlong introductory level sessions for front-line staff, all the way up to daylong, all-staff training events.

"With a continual influx of talent on the front line and many seasoned professionals joining credit unions from the banking world, it's important that staff understand and appreciate just how credit unions are different," Hardin said. "This difference should influence how members are treated on the front line, and how product decisions are made in the board room. Everyone can benefit from this knowledge and awareness."