Maine CU-backed foreclosure awaits gov. signature

June 15, 2015

WESTBROOK, Maine (6/15/15)--A credit union-supported bill that would expedite the foreclosure process in Maine passed both the state House and Senate last week.

The bill now awaits the signature of Gov. Paul LePage.

Among the changes the legislation would provide is a process for a plaintiff in foreclosure by civil action to seek an expedited final hearing (Weekly UpdateJune 12). The request for an expedited final hearing must indicate that mediation did not result in the settlement or dismissal of the action. The defendant must not have filed an answer to the complaint and all parties that have filed an answer in the action must conset.

The Maine Credit Union League committed significant resources and time working on L.D. 846 during the current legislative session. This work included an amendment that replaced the bill's original language drafted by the league’s legislative counsel, Ben Marcus of Drummond Woodsum. 

"Many in Augusta felt our bill was 'dead on arrival,' but due to the excellent work of our legislative team, which included numerous meetings with legislative leadership, representatives of the Judiciary branch, housing advocates and others, we have a bill that will help expedite the foreclosure process for those who want to do so," said league President John Murphy.

Murphy said he remains focused on seeing this legislation become law. "We are now meeting with legislative leaders in both chambers to reinforce the fact that this legislation is a priority for us,” he said.“Our communications and work are preparing for various scenarios.”