Texas CU rolls up sleeves, aids flood cleanup efforts

June 15, 2015

FARMERS BRANCH, Texas (6/15/15)--A number of credit union professionals did their part recently to lend a hand to those affected by the massive flooding that hit Oklahoma and Texas last month.

Staff members from Generations Community FCU, San Antonio, and Harland Clarke, a CUNA Strategic Services strategic alliance provider, volunteered last week to help with the ongoing cleanup efforts in Texas Hill Country (Leaguer June 12).


Click image to enlarge. Credit union professionals from Generations Community FCU and Harland Clarke help out with flood relief efforts in Texas. (Cornerstone Credit Union League Photo)

More than 400 homes in that area were damaged as a result of the Blanco River rising more than 28 feet in less than two hours.

“It’s been nearly three weeks since the flooding, however all of the volunteers from our group were stunned at the extent of the damage,” said Ashley Harris, board president of the Alamo Chapter of Credit Unions (Leaguer). “The cleanup will continue for months and we encourage anyone who is able to not only volunteer their time, but to also patronize the local stores in order to support the community economically as well.”

Volunteers helped a local elderly couple clean up their home, which at one point was submerged in more than 12 feet of water. They escaped the flood by climbing up to their attic.

“Watching the news really doesn’t put the damage into perspective, but actually seeing it first hand was a very eye-opening experience,” Brian Fagen, Harland Clarke account executive, told Leaguer.

The Alamo Chapter held a second cleanup day later in the week as well.