CUNA releases FiCEP program in e-book format

July 13, 2015

MADISON, Wis. (7/13/15)--CUNA is releasing its Financial Counseling Education Program (FiCEP) in e-book format for the first time.

The eight-book series provides students and readers with training and resources to earn the Credit Union Certified Financial Counselor (CUCFC) designation.

“This new option will further enable credit union professionals to obtain their financial counseling certifications, allowing more credit unions to offer financial counseling services to their members,” said Courtney Cantwell, CUNA instructional design manager.

The e-books--available individually and as kits--cover the fundamental modules, including money attitudes and behaviors, living expenses, retirement and more. CUNA also offers FiCEP training through print and eSchool options.

An e-book is also available for the recertification process.