CU teller line top spot for teen summer workers

July 14, 2015

NEW YORK (7/14/15)--Forget the poolside deck and sunscreen--a summer job helping members behind the counter of a credit union is a prime position for high school students, according to a columnist for The New York Times.

Writing in his “Your Money” column, Rob Lieber extensively describes the benefits of working as a teller. “It’s a rare summer job that combines the acquisition of intensely practical knowledge and the opportunity to have conversations about important and personal topics with people two or three times your age,” he wrote (July 10).

He specifically noted the roles Digital FCU, Marlborough, Mass.; Ideal CU, Woodbury, Minn.; and General Electric CU, Cincinnati, play in student workers’ lives.

Ideal CU employees Bailey Griffith and Austin Raebel shared stories about working with members on loans and fees. Raebel helped a 40-year-old get a car loan and a checking account at the credit union.

As a high school student, Griffith is not only benefiting from the experience but also is building up his retirement account through Ideal’s 401(k) match.

Digital FCU summer employee Jessica Gleason said she worries about the financial choices her friends may make, including running up credit card balances and paying interest instead of investing. “You can’t just open up everything that you want,” the future math teacher told the Times. “I learned what I know because it’s the job that I do.”